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Pawtucket River Bridge

Pawtucket, Rhode Island

A landmark bridge displays a vibrant welcome to a proud community

The City of Pawtucket wanted a lighting design that could change throughout the year to mark occasion with vibrant colour displays.

The Spyders were chosen based on a few factors – performance, pricing and system layout. Spyder® Minis in RGB colour mixing were used in varying lengths across the full expanse of the bridge. Other areas such as the vertical pylons were lit with both Spyders and Spyder Minis in white.

Our engineering team made several modifications to the standard product to meet the needs of this job. Many of those improvements can be found on the existing products today. First, was that the project required specific environmental testing to ensure the Spyders could stand up to the climate and bridge vibration. A new mounting bracket was designed with a larger footprint and holes for easier installation. As LED technology improved, we also offered the Spyders with a lower wattage and higher lumen output.

The Spyder® series luminaire combines performance, technology, efficiency and architectural detail. Available up to 8ft in length, with white or RGB colour mixing. The Spyder® housing is fabricated from highstrength aluminum alloy with an anodized or hard anodized finish.

  • Wet location / IP67 rated
  • High efficiency LEDs
  • Impact resistant polycarbonate diffuser
  • Marked angles for precise positioning
  • L70 rated for greater than 100,000 hours
  • Choice of distribution and colour temperature
  • Sanitation listed for food preparation areas