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BeLuce Canada Inc. is committed to Canadian manufacturing – We design, build and customize our products out of Markham, Ontario.


Since its inception in 2000 Beghelli Canada has become a leader in emergency lighting products and luminaires for commercial and industrial life safety systems in the North American market. Manufacturing of emergency lighting products has allowed Beghelli Canada to spearhead the design and introduction of innovative code-compliant products which are distributed across the country.

Research and development are a top priority with our own, in-house CSA-certified lab. Our engineering department is dedicated to constant innovation, and improvements in aesthetic design, including developing and testing a wide range of cutting-edge lighting products.

Technology, design, high-quality materials, superior components, and thorough testing ensure the dynamic improvement in the standards of any product manufactured under the Beghelli name, a brand that guarantees performance, quality, and service.

In 2019 Beghelli Canada was acquired by the Ascot Capital Group. Beghelli has been rebranded as BeLuce Canada Inc. and will continue to manufacture and market under the Beghelli brand.



BeLuce works in key industrial sectors such as water treatment, waste management, power plants, gas, oil, mining, manufacturing, and warehousing. We build products in all Zones, Classes, and Divisions to meet any segment’s strict application requirements.


Our key commercial market segments include retail, professional offices, museums, art galleries, theatres, malls, parking garages, and condominiums. BeLuce offers appealing and discreet products while using innovative technologies to help maintain any type of design.


BeLuce’s presence in institutional segments is well known. You will find our products in schools, universities and colleges, hospitals, and long-term care facilities. It is a testament to our quality and strict standards that make our products the choice for governments, owners, and specifiers in the institutional sectors of Canada.


Canadian Manufacturing

For over 20 years, BeLuce has been committed to Canadian manufacturing and investing in Canadians. We design, build and customize our products out of Markham, Ontario. For added convenience and speed we offer a quick ship program – since we are local you are guaranteed to get your fixtures quickly.

Emergency Layouts

Our team of professionals know the building code requirements for emergency lighting inside and out – therefore we can confidently provide AGI emergency lighting layouts and takeoffs for any application.

Lighting Layouts

From simple to complex – our experts will provide accurate, efficient, and cost effective lighting layouts for your applications.

Light Level Verification

We will give a comprehensive audit of the emergency lighting fixtures using our own testing equipment and will provide all the necessary reports to make sure your installation is meeting all code requirements.

On-Site Service

Our BeLuce trained technicians and regional service depots can provide quality on-site support for technical issues, replacements and repairs.

Project Staging

Whether your lighting project is big or small – we will keep your BeLuce product in our warehouse until you are ready to install. Your fixtures will be protected, organized and ready to go when you need them.